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Sliverdale Pistol Club Est 1996.

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Silverdale Pistol Club is an outdoor pistol range and was established in 1996, and is located on Avoca road, Silverdale on the outskirts of Sydney N.S.W. Australia. We shoot a wide variety of Pistol matches including ISSF, Service, WA1500, NRA Action Pistol, Field Pistol, Silhouette and Single/Colonial/Wild Bunch Action matches, monthly on a rotating calendar. New members undertake an induction and instructional program under the watchful eyes of our experienced team of Instructors.  Our members take part in Local and State title matches and we have a few members that have represented SPC at a State Level. SPC is affiliated with the New South Wales Amateur Pistol Association. 

If your looking for a safe, fun, family orientated sport and love the outdoors you need to come to the SSAA Silverdale Range and try pistol shooting.

Download the Pistol Club Calendar


ISSF Match


Third Saturday & Forth Friday of each Month. (subject to change pending range requirements).


Friday, March 24th, 2023, 9am 

25M Service Match (Centre Fire)

Saturday April 15th, 2023, 9am   

Standard Pistol Match (Rimfire)

Friday April 21st 2023, 9am 

Standard Pistol Match (Centre Fire)

Service Match 


Third Saturday of each Month. (subject to change pending range requirements).

Match: CDS 3 Range Core 

(36 Rounds) 

NRA Action Pistol,  

(48 Rounds per stage)

Saturday April 15th, 2023, 11pm  

(Centre Fire)


Holster Course Avaliable max 5. See members only area and book with Dan. 

Field Pistol


Third Saturday of each Month. (subject to change pending range requirements).

Match; Field Pistol (40 Rnds)

Saturday April 15th, 2023, 9am

Large Caliber Approved Match

Match; Small Bore (40 Rnds)

Saturday April 15th, 2023 9am



Single/Colonial Action/ Wild Bunch

Bush Ranger Creek Bunch 


Second Sunday of Each Month. (subject to change pending range requirements).

Must be there early to help set up range

Match; Colonial Action.

Sunday April 2nd 12th 2023, 9am


Match; Wild Bunch.

Sunday April 2nd 2023, 9am


Mid Week

Service Match 

Holster Course from 11am 5 Spots 

Available, Book with Dan R

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023, 1030am

CSD 3R Core (36 Rounds)

Training related to service 100+ rounds

Black Powder

Forth Saturday Comp & Third Saturday Practice of each Month. (subject to change pending 

range requirements).

Match;  International Pistol (25m)

              International Rifle (50m)

              Demi-Cannon (50m)      


Saturday, March 25th 2023, 9am

Saturday April 15th, 2023 1.00 pm

After pistol all matches are completed

Saturday, April 22nd 2023, 9am


Membership Renewals

We are taking new members in Feburary 2023, Please contact us to be added to the waiting list.


Holster Course (Level 1 & 2) available for members at no cost. There is a criteria to be met first Check the members only area for details.

Next Course 8/3. 5 Spots Available. book with 

Dan R President.

Shirt Order 


The shirt order has been finalised. 

Thanks to BADLANDS for sponsoring the club.


The AGM was held today with all committee members being returned to their positions. Thanks to all who attended and the committee for the hard work this year.

Dan R President. 

Check the Silverdale Range, SSAA Sydney Facebook page for up-to date information. 

If your applying for a PTA, Please send Mike an Email so he can process the Pistol Club requirements. If we don't receive an email we may not process your PTA. When we receive them form FAR they have a License number not a name, so your assistance is required for timely processing. Please send the following details. name, License/Permit Number, Club Number, Discipline you require the firearms for, i.e. Single Action, Field Pistol, ISSF and Centre Fire or Rimfire.

Regards Dan R President.

Pistol Coaching

The Committee will be organizing a Pistol Coaching course for 2023. If your interested please email the club so I know what numbers we are looking at. A time and date will be arranged once I have the numbers. You will need around 300 rounds of ammo. The course is free to members. An intermediate course is also being considered their will be a small fee to members. The course has been designed to assist those who shoot service pistol, It will include your holster accreditation course. I am waiting on the new Holster Course to be approved by SSAA before I can run courses. If you are interested in either course let me know.

Regards, Daniel R President. 


No current order, due to our previous supplier cancelling our order and selling there machines interstate. If you know of anyone in Sydney that is making projectiles let us know. 

Daniel R, President 1/7


We have added a members only page on our Facebook site, (Silverdale pistol club members only). We will provide comp details and other information on this secure page. You will need to provide your name and club number. 


Members only log in page to the web site, this will allow you to see score and other information we would not allow non members to read. Have a look at the top for the log in and join. Please send me an email with your name and club number so I can approve you application. I may not recognize your email address. If you have any suggestions on what else could be on these pages let me know, maybe a for sale page, all suggestions welcome. 

Regards; Daniel R President. 

Firearms registry now online.
FAR is now online, see the link on the membership page.

# Licence Applications

# Licence Renewals 

# Permit to Acquire 

# Change of Address

Recent changes to Legislation; 


For up to date legislation Please visit: 

shirts final.png


Daniel, R

Phillip, E

Peter, G

Marc, L

Syd, L

Alex, M

Leon, M


on your 20 year's with Silverdale pistol club



Norm, P    15 Years

Barry, P     15 Years

Neville, S   15 Years

Chris, D      15 Years

Barry, F      15 Years

Mike,W        15 Years

Anthony, G  10 Years

Garry, T        10 Years

Kerry, W       10 Years

Mark, G        10 Years

Jakeb, G       10 Years

Graham, G   10 Years

Contact Us >>


Address; 395 Avoca Road, Sliverdale, New, South, Wales, 2752


Ph;      4653 1440

Fax;     4653 1440 

E mail; 





SSAA Gun Sales 


Macarthur Trophies


Many thanks to Julie from Macarthur Trophies who supplied our trophies. They look great.


Ph;        02 4648 5777               

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