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10m Air Pistol Match 

Air Pistol Match

Air Pistol match is shot by both men and women at the Summer Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and ISSF World Cups.


Course of fire

Competitors use .177 calibre pistols to fire lead pellets at targets 10 metres away. The bulls-eye has a 10mm 10 ring, with the entire target being just 15cm across. Men take 60 shots plus sighters in one hour and 45 minutes, while women, and juniors have one hour and 15 minutes for 40 shots and sighters.



World class air pistols are air or gas-powered pistols. Trigger weight can be no lighter than 500 grams; the width of the grip and length of the barrel are also limited.


Max Score              Master Grade       A Grade        B Garde        C Grade       D Garde 

Mens       600        >575                    >560           >540            >500          <500

Womens  400        >380                   >365           >350             >320          <320

Current world record is held by Jin Jong-oh of South Korea with a score of 596 at the world cup in South Korea in 2015. 

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