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Existing Members


Existing Members; Your fees are due on or before the 31st of October at a cost of $115.00 adult and $56 Junior (12 years), Including APA membership. Associate members $45.


New Members  


Membership of Silverdale Pistol Club will Cost $175 adult and $86 Junior (12 years), Including an Administration fee, APA membership, Pistol Course and Coaching. 



What will you need; 


1.  SSAA Membership.

2.  Letters of Support from 2 people you have known for at least 2 years, and not a Family member.

3. Completed Membership application form

4. 2 Passport Size Photographs.

5. All relevant Paper work From NSW Police Firearms Registry. (Ph; 1300 362 562)

6. Letter of release from your current Pistol Club if transferring from another Club.



Porbationary Pistol Licence


If you decide you wish to take up pistol shooting as a sport, it is a legislative requirement that you take out Club membership and become licenced. Silverdale Pistol Club is a NSW Police approved Club for the purposes of training you in sport target pistol shooting, and is affiliated with the New South Wales Amateur Pistol Association (APA). Once you have joined the Club, we will guide you through the process of training you and obtaining your Probationary Pistol Licence. You will be on a Probationary Pistol Licence for a minimum of 12 months before you can participate fully in every discipline available. There is a legislated minimum participation requirement of 6 competition shoots at the Club in a 12 month period and Probationary Pistol Licence holders are not permitted to obtain their own pistols for the first 6 months of their licence.


For more information on licencing go to:



Try shooting P650


If you want to try pistol shooting before making a commitment to join. Sliverdale Pistol Club holds regular try pistol shooting days on the third Saturday of each month. These days are very popular, however because of supervision and safety requirements, only a relatively small number of people can be accommodated at each of these days so prearranging your attendance with the club secretary is essential.


The cost for the try shoot day is $50 which includes range fees, the use of a Club .22 rimfire pistol, 50 rounds of ammunition, and tuition from our qualified instructors. You should allow a minimum of least 2 hours for the session. You will be shown how to hold, load, sight and fire the pistol. Once you are finished you can take your target home with you as a souvenir.


If time permits, it may also be possible for you to try some larger caliber, centrefire pistols; 9mm self loading pistol or a 357 magnum revolver. This is done by arrangement with the supervising Club instructor at the time, with a charge for the cost of the ammunition only.

Follow the below hyper link or down load the form.


Other licensing 


Silverdale Pistol club encourages members to apply for their long arms licence when applying for their pistol licence. A long arms licence is required to shoot pioneer action matches and the best part is that the licence it self does not cost any more to tick 2 extra boxes. The long arms licence requires the applicant to complete a written and practical examination which can be done at the range or at a local firearms dealer's workshop at minimal cost to the applicant. 




SPC Membership







Firearms Registry On lines services link;

# Licence Applications

# Licence Renewals 

# Permit to Acquire 

# Change of Address

SSAA Renewal

#SSAA Quick Renew

#SSAA New Membership





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