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Standard  Pistol Match 

Standard Pistol Match

Standard pistol match is shot by men at Commonwealth Games and ISSF World Cups.


Course of fire

Standard Pistol is a combination of slow fire and rapid fire shooting. Competitors shoot .22 calibre pistols from 25 metres at precision targets with a 5cm 10 ring.

Preparation time is 5 minutes. Competitors fire 60 shots in three timed series.

The 60-shot match is divided into 5-shot series with different timings:

    4 series of 5 shots within 150 seconds for each series

    4 series of 5 shots within 20 seconds for each series

    4 series of 5 shots within 10 seconds for each series

There is no Final round for the Standard Pistol event



Standard pistols shoot .22 calibre ammunition from a five-shot magazine and must be capable of fitting within the standard competition box. The trigger weight can be no lighter than 1000 grams.



Max Score       Master Grade       A Grade       B Garde       C Garde        D Grade 

600                >570                    >555          >530           >500           <500

Current world record is held by Erich BULGING of the USA with a score of 584 shot in 1983.

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