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.22 Precision Rifle Series Match 

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.22 Precision Rifle Series Match

22 PRS is shot on the 1st Saturday of every month and occasionally once a month mid week when the Pistol Club run their mid week Service Pistol match. Keep an eye on the Calendar for match dates.

Contact Luke at the range for Further information.

Ph: 4653 1440

The 22 PRS series is designed to be a fast, fun easy to run match based on an available 100 yard range.  Matches typically do not run longer than 4-5 hours and are a great way to spend a day at the range.

“The goal of the 22 precision Rifle Series is to make Tactical Rifle shooting more available to every community. The Pistol range at Silverdale has access to a 100 yard range and most shooters own a 22 rifle. The course of fire for 22 PRS is simple, fun and affordable Precision Rifle matches.

Stages often utilize simple, cheap obstacles such as ladders, 44 gallon drums, Barricades, tires, pallets, fence posts, crazy walls and etc… The goal of the stages is to keep things as simple as possible while still challenging shooters. Of course, there are plenty of prone and unsupported shooting stages as well!


The 22 PRS series is a fresh offering for rimfire enthusiasts where bolt actions and straight pulls are invited to participate. There are two classes pertaining to rifle options, Open and Base Class.

  • “The Base class is intended to be budget oriented. Any rifle with an MSRP of $.... or less qualifies for Base class. Scopes used in the base class must have an MSRP of $.... or less. Aftermarket cheek risers or modifications to the factory stock for getting proper cheek weld are acceptable. Scope base, rings, levels, suppressors and bipods are also allowable. Factory barrels that have been threaded for a suppressor are allowable. Aftermarket barrels, triggers, including trigger spring kits and any other parts that modify the factory barrelled action are not allowed. No modification of any kind may be made to the factory trigger or action. Bolt buffers, auto bolt releases, extended magazine releases and conversion kits for tube fed rifles to become magazine fed are all upgraded safety measures and are allowed.”


  • “Open class shooters have no restrictions on equipment.”


What to bring to matches:

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