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Sliverdale Pistol Club Est 1996.

At SPC we shoot several differant service matches rotating monthly, PA50, Unlimited Service & PA25, 25 yard service, NRA Action Pistol and WA1500. Service matches are challenging Centrefire matches that include shooting prone, sitting and standing, Barricade and rapid fire as well as single hand and weak hand sequances. shooting at 50, 25, 10 & 7 Yards. For most service matches you will need 4 mags or 3 speed loaders, don't worry if you don't someone will have gear to loan you. See Discipline page for match detail and required Equipment.  PA50 you will need 90 rounds and PA25 you will need 65 Rounds. NRA Action Pistol 48 rounds per Stage X3 and WA1500 150 Rounds. 


Matches are shot after ISSF matches and after the committee meeting, usually starting at about midday.


Service Pistol Matches are shot on a rotating calendar on the 3rd saturday or every month starting at 12pm. See the below Match Schedule or log onto you account to view the full match calendar and match results.

We have added a monthly mid week service shoot. This match is to cater or our Police, Security and shift worker members. We welcome members from other clubs to attend. The Match will be SPC CP every month with a fun match after the main match. This match will be an accreditation match from Law Enforcement or Military, come and see if you can pass some of the toughest Pistol Qualifuications in the world.


If you have any suggestions for these matches let me know and send me the Course of fire, I will see if the range template will allow it to be shot. The match day will vary every month depending on range use and my roster. 


Service Match Results - Top 10

Log on to your account to see the current match results.

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