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Sliverdale Pistol Club Est 1996.

Colonial  and Post Colonial Action


Colonial Action


Colonial Action matches are similar to the well-known Single and Western Action matches shot all around the world, except for some differences, which are applied to make the match representative of the early colonial days in Australia (1850 to 1901).


Firearms are of a similar type except that only one pistol is used in the main scenarios. Rifles are usually the standard type of pistol-calibre lever-actions as used in Single Action matches, with a choice of Martini single-shot and black powder muzzleloaders allowable in some scenarios. Shotguns range from single-shot lever-actions to short-coach guns typical of the era. Black and nitro powders are equally used throughout the entire range of firearms.

Semi-automatic Pistols made prior to 1915 such as the Colt 1911, Luger, Mauser, Webley and Browning HP can be used in stages and side matches similar to the Wild Bunch Match.


The clothing is generally similar to Single and Western Action garb, with some well-dressed shooters posing as early English police, bushrangers, workers, preachers, and poachers  of colonial Australia.


Post-Colonial Action 

Semi-Automatic Pistols and Double action revolver stages. 

Recent Charges to the Colonial Action rules have allowed for the use of Semi-Automatic Pistols Similar to Wild Bunch. The main differences are the semi-auto stages are not a side match, rather a new category of the main match and can be shot in all sequences. Unlike Wild Bunch which is limited to the Colt 1911 chambered in 45 ACP. Colonial Action allows any single or double action Pistol or replica thereof, that was in use prior to 1915, including but not limited to models produced by manufactures such as Colt, Browning, Luger, Webley, Mauser, Steyr, etc. This includes modern reproductions of early semi-automatic pistols. minimum calibre of .30 (7.63mm) and a maximum calibre of .45ACP. Barrel length must be no less than 5 inches (125mm).


Pistols may be used in a stage or side event at the discretion of competition organisers.

Single Action Results - Top 10


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