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Sliverdale Pistol Club Est 1996.

ISSF Match

International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) matches are shot at the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and other international target pistol shooting competitions. ISSF consists of 10m Air Pistol,  50m Pistol, 25m Pistol, Rapid Fire Stage, 25m Rapid Fire Pistol, 25m Centre Fire Pistol, and 25m Standard Pistol.

The ISSF is the only organisation recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the governing body of amateur international shooting sport for all international shooting competitions.  Thus the ISSF controls the technical regulations in all the target shooting disciplines including pistol, rifle, running target and shotgun.

 In Australia, Pistol Australia maintains the mandate to field Australian target pistol shooting teams to the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and other international target pistol shooting competitions.

In all ISSF target pistol shooting events, competitors aim at a 10 ring target in the standing position, use only one hand to fire the pistol and the wrist must be completely free of support

At Silverdale Pistol Club we allow any Centre fire and Rimfire Pistols to be shot in the matches. We have modified several additional matches for centre fire to allow our members to keep up with their legislative requirements for Pistol ownership. We Change from centre fire to rim fire each month giving our members ample opportunity to get their shoots in. To be eligible for the club championship shooters must shoot the correct category of firearm each month. Ie Rimfire must me shot in rim fire matches, however if you don't own a category you can shoot what every calibre you like you are just not eligible for the Club Championship. 

All matches start at 9.00am on the 3rd Saturday and 4th Friday of Each Month, unless falling on a public holiday. See the below Match Schedule or log onto your account to view the full calendar and match results . Service matches are shot after ISSF has finished on the 3rd Saturday.


Match Results - Top 10

Log on to your account to see the currant match results.

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