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Sliverdale Pistol Club Est 1996.

Conditions of Range Use.


Outside normal Competition's days.


  • Comply with all Silverdale Pistol Club Rules.

  • Must be a licenced and financial member of Silverdale Pistol club.

  • No Full Metal Jacket Ammunition permitted.

  • Must be a minimum of Two members present.

  • One member must act as the range officer, while the other shoots. (Probationary licence holders can not act as range officer's).

  • Under no circumstances will any member shoot alone.

  • Care must be taken in the use of equipment.

  • Breakage and malfunctions must be reported to the range office.

  • Score sheets for postal competition's must be signed off by range staff.


Club firearms will only be available when the licence holder – Mike is on duty at the range. Only factory Ammunition is permitted in our club pistols. No reloaded ammunition is to be used. 


Silverdale Pistol club was established in 1996. 

ect, We shoot ISSF, Service matches and Single/Colonial Action matches on an outdoor range.

Club Approval No: 405169093



President;             Daniel, R

Captain;                Phil, E

Secretary;             Mike, W

Committee;           Neville, S 

Committee;           Syd, L

Committee;           Jakeb, G

Committee;           Angela, T





Existing Members; Your fees are due on or before the 30th of October at a cost of $110.00 adult and $50 Junior (12 years), Including APA membership.


​New Members; Membership of Silverdale Pistol Club will Cost $170 adult and $80 Junior (12 years), Including an Administration fee and APA membership.


What will you need;


1.   SSAA Membership.

2.   Letters of Support from 2 people you have known           for at least 2 years, and not a Family member.

3.   2 passport Photographs.

4.   All relevant Paper work From NSW Police Firearms           Registry. (Ph; 1300 362 562).

5.   Letter of release from your current Pistol Club if            transferring from another CLub.




New Members not transferring in are required to complete 6 coaching sessions before there licence application will be supported by the Club committee. Coaching is conducted on the third Saturday of each month. Other days may be available on request. Contact the Secretary or President to make these arrangements.


Coaching from qualified instructors is available to all members at no charge. 




  • Treat all firearms as if they where loaded.

  • The muzzle of the firearm is to be pointed down range when on the firing line and carried muzzle up when walking to the firing line.

  • No firearms will be handled when the Green light is displayed.

  • Members are reminded that they are to leave the range in a clean and tidy condition.

  • If a member wishes to practice on a non competition day then he/she must be accompanied by a licenced financial member of the club.

  • All members attending the range must sign in at the range office.

  • All members are also required to fill in the Pistol club attendance book, stating the date, kind of handgun and the competition or practice score, before signing the entry. This must be completed for the score to count as an official attendance.

  • On non competition days where there is no set match allocated practice may be shot on the basis of first come first served.

  • On competition days those members shooting the competition will be given first preference.

  • All club business will be conducted through the club secretary unless specifically authorised by the club committee

  • If by incident or through general wear and tear damage is done to any equipment, it must be immediately reported to range staff so that it can be repaired or replaced with out delay.

  • No shooting is to take place forward of the firing line.

  • See range staff for exceptions to Colonial/Single Action events.

  • Members are to remove all used targets and place them in the bins provided.

  • All fired cases are to be cleaned up and placed in the recycling bin.

  • All misfired and unwanted live rounds are to be handed to range staff for disposal.

  • Every person entering the range whether a member or visitor places themselves under the control of the range officer or his/her assistant and must at all times comply with lawful directions and or instruction.

  • No person is to enter or leave the range with a loaded firearm.

  • No person is to touch the firearm of another person without the owners permission.

  • No member is to allow unlicensed person access to the range or allow them to handle firearms.

  • No person is to touch any of the club firearms without permission of the licence holder (Secretary). 


Requirements of Members;


Silverdale Pistol club requests each member at least attempt to attend the range once a month as the support is always needed.


Each member must comply with current firearms legislation relation to compliance.


Six competitions must be shot each club year being from the 1st of November to the 31st of October.


For each kind of hand gun the member must complete at least 4 competitions shoots.


1. Centre-fire or Black Powder.

2. Rimfire.

3. Air pistol.

High Calibre requires 6 additional range attendances.


For example;

If you own 1 type of Firearm then you must complete 6 competition shoots.

If you own 2 types of Firearm then you must complete 8 - 6 competition shoots, and 2 practice. Using the 2 firearm types.

If you own 3 types of Firearm then you must complete 12 - 6 competition shoots, and 6 practice. Using the 3 firearm types.




All legislative requirements can be located on the New South Wales Police Force, Firearms Registry web site.


It is the responsibility of all licence holders to be up to date on all legislation.


Firearms Registry.

Ph; 1300 362 562.




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