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Combined Service Discipline Matches

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Combined Services

Combined services disiplane is a rifle and handgun shooting discipline that aims to encourage organised competitive shooting with a view towards a better knowledge of the safe handling and proper care of military or service firearms. The discipline encompasses more than a dozen Service Rifle and Service Pistol classes in which competitors use original or faithful reproduction rimfire, centrefire and black powder military and other service rifles, carbines, revolvers and self-loading pistols shoot for score at paper targets of different sizes and from various distances and positions.

The main Pistol match is a 36 round match shot at 3 distances, There is a number of supplementary matches in the rule book, the biggest one has the same rules and course of fire as unrestricted service pistol.

Pistol Classes

Pistols must comply with the state firearms legislation for the state of residency of the member, who must also possess the appropriate handgun licence and registration. The 3-Positional Core match is used to obtain the competitor’s grade. The rule book contains many different matches for Pistol, several of which are shot as graded, while the rest are contested as open.

Pistols used in Combined Services Pistol competition must fall into one of the following classes.

Class 1

Class 1 (Defence) handguns comprise original issue or faithful reproduction centrefire service handguns, with a modified barrel length or calibre only to comply with national and state laws. Competitors may use revolvers or self-loading pistols, which are or have been on regular issue to an army, navy or air force.

Class 2

Class 2 (Law Enforcement/Police) handguns comprise original issue or faithful reproduction centrefire service handguns, with a modified barrel length or calibre only to comply with national and state laws. Competitors may use revolvers or self-loading pistols, which are or have been on general issue to defence or law enforcement organisations. A Class 1 handgun cannot be classed as a Class 2 handgun.

Class 3

Class 3 (Accurised/Modified/Target) handguns comprise any Class 1 or 2 service issue centrefire handgun or faithful reproduction that has been modified from its original specification, either post-production or at the factory, and may feature target-shooting-adjustable sights, hand-customised grips, barrels, trigger systems, trigger saddles or compensators.

Class 4

Class 4 (Rimfire) handguns comprise any rimfire handgun that substantially replicates the functions of a Class 1, 2 or 3 handgun.

Class 5

lass 5 (Black Powder) handguns comprise any original issue or faithful reproduction black powder military handgun, either a revolver or single-shot pistol, which has been on general issue to an army, navy, police or para-military force.


The targets used in Rifle competitions include the standard 1200x1200mm SSAA Military/Service Rifle target (Core Target), which has a large black aiming point. A mini 600x600mm Core Target has been developed and is available for specific matches, but can also be used to simulate longer distances on ranges with range limits. Scoring is taken at target value, with the centre ‘V’ bull used to decide tied scores. A shot that touches the line is given the higher value.

The targets used in Pistol competition include the SSAA Military Pistol Target 2001. Scoring is at target value, with the centre ‘X’ bull used to decide a tied score. Once again, a shot that touches the line is scored at the higher value.


Combined Services permits the use of any ammunition that is allowed by law and approved for use at that particular range. The same ammunition, type and loading must be used throughout an event. The spirit and intent of this discipline is embodied in the use of standard military-specification loads. For instance, if a handgun is marked as a .357, then .357 loads must be used. This engenders the full recoil effect of such firearms and recovering of sighting for successive shots fired.

Handgun projectiles may be lead alloy round-nose, lead alloy semi-wadcutter or jacketed ammunition, depending on range approvals. Chargers or loaded magazines may be used on the firing point in the course of the competition, where permitted by particular match rules.

Other pistol information

Combined Services Pistol competition permits the use of a handgun with a trigger weight no less than 1.36kg. Both stages of double-action triggers on revolvers must comply in both stages. The holsters used must be practical, safe, serviceable and fit the handgun. In supplementary events, where there is a requirement to draw from the holster, the shooter must hold their state or territory’s qualification and the holster must be of a type that covers the trigger. Gloves or mittens are not permitted, unless required for medical reasons. Optical aids such as telescopic, red dot and optical sights, spotting scopes or binoculars are not permitted during the competition, except under direction of a designated official for target checking. A shooter may not use or wear any optical aids or devices of any type that provide an unfair advantage to them.

Main Match 3 Range Core Event

  25 yards (12 shots)

  • Two series of Six shots in a total of 30 seconds each series.

                        6 shots standing unsupported in 30 seconds

                        6 shots sitting unsupported in 30 seconds

    10 yards (12 shots)

  • Two series of Six shots in a total of 20 seconds each series.

                        6 shots standing unsupported Strong Hand only in 20 seconds

                        6 shots Kneeling unsupported in 20 seconds

    7 yards (10 shots)

  • Two series of six Shots.   

  •                   6 shots standing unsupported in 5 seconds

  •                   6 shots Kneeling unsupported strong hand only in 10 seconds

Grading’s                           353-360 Grand Master 

                                         340-352 Master

                                         320-339 A Grade

                                         300-319 B Grade

                                         299>     C Grade

MATCH 12 - 90 Round Match 

50 yards (24  Shots)

  • One series of 24 shots in a total of 205 seconds.

                            6 Shots Prone on Target 1 - Reload

                            6 Shots Sitting or Kneeling on target 2 - Reload

                            6 Shots Right side of Barricade on Target 3 - Reload

                            6 shots Left side of Barricade on Target 4

      25 yards (36 shots)

  • Four Series of 6 shots using the Barricade, Supported.

                         6 Shots Right side of Barricade on Target 4 in 15 seconds 

                         Shots Left side of Barricade on Target 3 in 15 seconds 

                         6 Shots Left side of Barricade Target 1 - reload - 6 shots Right side of Barricade in 35 Seconds 

  • Two series of 6 shots standing clear of the barricade unsupported.

                             3 Shots Target 1 -  3 shots Target 2 in 6 Seconds

                             2 Shots Target 2 -  2 shots Target 3 - 2 shots Target 4 in 6 Seconds 

      10 Yards (18 Shots)

  • Three Series of 6 shots unsupported using both left and right hands.

                          6 Shots Target 4 in 4 seconds

                          3 Shots Left Hand only - 3 shots Right hand only Target 3 in 8 Seconds

                          3 Shots Target 2 - 3 Shots Target 1 in 4 seconds

      7 Yards (12 Shots)

  • One series of 12 shots in total of 25 seconds - "unsighted" series (pistol must be held below the point of the shoulder)

  •                         6 shots on target 1 - reload - 6 shots on target 2

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