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Rapid Fire Pistol Match 

Rapid Fire Match

Rapid fire match is shot by men at the Summer Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and ISSF World Cups.

Rapid Fire pistol has been an Olympic event since the first modern Games in 1896. Shot with a .22 calibre semi-automatic pistol from 25 metres, competitors have eight, six, or four seconds to fire one shot at each of five adjacent targets. As an added difficulty, pistols must be held downward at a 45 degree angle until the targets rotate from edge on to face the shooter.

The 10 ring on a rapid fire target is 10cm wide.

Course of fire

60 rounds are fired in two courses, sometimes over consecutive days. Each 30 round course is made up of

  • two five shot series in eight seconds, 

  • two five shot series in six seconds

  • two five shot series in four seconds 

Sighters consist of 5 shots in eight seconds prior to each course. Only one malfunction is allowed in each series.


Rapid Fire pistols shoot .22 cartridges with a minimum velocity of 250m/sec, minimum bullet weight of 39gr. from a five-shot magazine and is essentially the same pistol used for the Standard Pistol event.


Max Score                    Master               A Grade               B Grade              C Grade           D Grade 

600                             >575                  >560                   >525                  >470               <470

Current world record is held by Christian Reitz of Germany with a score of 593 at the European championships in Croatia 2013. 

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