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Big Game Rifle 


Big Game Rifle

Big Game Rifle is shot on the 2nd Saturday of every month and the 2nd Tuesday of every even month.

See calendar for match dates.

Weekend match

Contact Ben Doherty
PH: 0409 831258.

Midweek match 

Contact: Richard

PH: 0424 062 864

Big Game Rifle is a rifle shooting discipline that aims to foster the collection, preservation and use of vintage and modern classic large-caliber big-game rifles, particularly those of British origin, including black powder and early Nitro cartridge firearms. The discipline includes eight categories of matches and the courses of fire within these are largely determined by rifle types and eras, shooting times and shooting positions. The matches aim to simulate field-shooting conditions to improve the shooter’s firearm skills in the pursuit of large and dangerous game.

Typically rifles such as the 357 Holland and Holland are used in this match. The week end match is shot as per the discipline rules. many of the competitors attend the state and national titles.


The  mid week match at Silverdale allows anyone to shoot with any rifle. While your points may not go towards the match trophy, we encourage ethical hunting and its good practice and a great day at the range with a good bunch of shooters. 

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