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Rifle Matches at Silverdale Pistol Club

Silverdale Pistol club shares the range with a number of other shooting disciplines.


.22 Precision Rifle Series;          Shot on the First Saturday of the month  

Field Rifle:                                Shot on the First Sunday of the month 

Big Game Rifle:                         Shot on the Second Saturday of the month

Black Power Rifle and Canon:    Shot on the Fourth Saturday of the month

.22 Silhouette Rifle:                   Shot on the Forth Sunday of the month 9 to 12

Lever action Rifle:                     Shot on the Forth Sunday of the month from 12 to 3.45

                                                                                                                                          2021 RANGE USERS


Due to the conditions of the Silverdale range approval issued by the NSW Firearms Registry, the use of calibres with a retained energy exceeding 3,000 foot-pounds at 200 metres is not permitted. Full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition is also not permitted on this range.

Note; Due to the Legislative requirements of Pistol Licenses the Pistol Club may move their shoot date if they fall on a Public Holiday or for any other reason, Therefore the Rifle Match for that month may be moved to the 5th Saturday/Sunday if applicable or cancelled.


Please check the match Calendars prior to attending the range. 

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