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Re-loading issues

Today at the range one of our members has as small issue with some of the rounds he re-loaded for his 9mm. In short the projectile was protruding from the case too much, resulting in the projectile sitting on the rifling rather than the case sitting against the chamber landing as the 9mm round head spaces from the mouth of the case not the rim like a 38/357.

A quick way to check that the projectile is not sitting out to far, is to remove the barrel from the pistol and place a round into the chamber. Tap it with your finger, then tip the barrel up so the round can fall out. If the round stays put then they are too long.

The maximum loaded length for a 9mm is 1.169 inch's.

Over the years I have loaded 1000's or rounds a good accurate 9mm load I have used is;

124g Round Nose Projectile (Ray Gray's)

3.5g of ADI AP50, using a Federal small pistol Primer.

Safe reloading,


Silverdale Pistol Club.

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